Step-by-step instructions for video conferencing with Whereby

Follow these instructions to set up your computer for Whereby. See below for solutions to the most common problems.

Required software

You can use Whereby on your computer or your tablet. All you need is a modern web browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Explorer and Edge do not work.

Headphones, headset

Please make sure you use headphones or a headset. This will noticeably improve the sound quality both for you and everyone else on the call.

Connect to power supply

Video conferencing requires a relatively large amount of battery power. Therefore, please connect your computer to the power supply.


No sound or no picture

  • Quit Skype or Google Hangouts if they are open.

  • Doublecheck you are using Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Vivaldi. (The most recent versions of Safari and Edge are only partially supported.)

  • Try leaving the room and joining again.

  • If none of this helps, check the program and system settings. Click here for more information.

Poor connection

Video conferencing works best when your computer is connected to the router via the cable. If you use Wifi, you should preferably be in the same room as the Wifi router. If that does not work, restart the router.

Using your company computer

On managed corporate computers, the settings required for a video call with Whereby may be blocked. Try using your home device or consult your company’s IT support. Here is some information you can share with IT support.