The unit tests at our language school


Why the tests and assessments?

All our group courses are divided into several units. Depending on the level, the number of units varies. In the intensive course, one unit always lasts one week, in the semi-intensive course always two weeks. Each unit concludes with a test. These unit tests, along with regular oral assessments, will give our course participants meaningful feedback about their own performance and are an important part of our teaching. They serve to

  • give them good feedback on a regular basis and at short intervals, so that they can keep up to date with their language skills.
  • to maintain homogeneity in our courses.
  • to provide us with a good overview so that, together with the teachers, we can offer our course participants the best possible advice and guidance.

What are our rules regarding the tests?

  • The module tests are firmly integrated into the lessons and are written on the last course day of a module.
  • Writing the test later is only possible in absolute exceptions and in consultation with the teacher.
  • If a test is exceptionally written late, as of 24.10.2022 a new deadline will apply:
    • In the intensive course until the end of the weekend.
    • In the afternoon and evening course until 2 hours before the start of the new module.
    • If the test is not written within this time limit, we will give the test a grade of 3.5.

If course participants receive one or two grades under 4.0, we will work together with them to find a suitable way of improving their performance. However, if they receive a third unsatisfactory mark (for speaking, a second unsatisfactory mark), they will be transferred to another group. It may be necessary for them to repeat some course units. Alternatively, we also offer private lessons, which may help to catch up and fill gaps.

Unit tests at Bellingua language school