„I attended Bellingua for almost a year and got so used to it, that I would like to continue, but unfortunately this was my last stage.

The atmosphere was always very cozy, friendly and at the same time challenging, which always motivated me. The classes were well structured, the teachers explained the lesson content clearly and the homework was in line with the topic covered in class.
If you have any questions, you can always ask the teachers or the office; you always get an answer or good advice.

I completed the B2 and C1 levels at Bellingua in a semi-intensive course, so I had classes twice a week. I used to take an intensive course at another school and I can say that the semi-intensive course at Bellingua was better and more informative than the course at the previous school.
For these reasons, I can highly recommend Bellingua!
All my classmates at Bellingua were also very happy, which made for a good atmosphere in class.

I already miss this exciting time and wish you many new good students!”

Anastasiia from Russia (February 2023)

„Absolutely the best language school I have ever attended!

I never learned German before and in 30 weeks of intensive course I reached German level B1. Now I work and continue to practice the language every day thanks to my good grammar skills.

I attended an intensive course, which was certainly very demanding, but the method at Bellingua manages to keep you focused. Bellingua is a school I recommend to those who really want to learn the language in a short period of time and can dedicate themselves to constant learning 5 days a week. It takes perseverance and determination. Otherwise, there are more ‘soft’ levels for those who have more time available.

The environment is very friendly and the office is always very helpful and efficient. My teacher was great because I was always actively involved in the lessons. Boredom – The word does not exist there.

During the break there is the possibility to meet other people from all over the world, which, besides giving me the opportunity to make new friends, also gave me the chance to practice the language.”

Bleona from Italy/Albania (November 2022)

„I started my 100-week journey with Bellingua in February 2020 with basically no knowledge of German. Something memorable about this journey was the “No English rule” that we had ever since the very first class. That was scary at first, but I discovered it’s the best way to learn a new language. The teachers created a safe space to practice the language without any fear, to make mistakes and to learn from them. Progress happened at a natural and steady pace. With the right balance of grammar and vocabulary, I quickly felt that I can use the learned German knowledge outside the class: reading short articles, understanding jokes on the Internet and making small talk with people. That kept me motivated and now I can do more than that: I read books, watch TV series in German and get to enjoy every chance I have to talk to other German speakers without much effort.

Thank you, Bellingua!”

Mircea from Romania (February 2022)

„I have been studying with Bellingua since May 2021, attending semi-intensive evening online classes. I am very satisfied with my teacher Nina, with the online learning and collaboration platforms (Edulo and Miro) and with the effectiveness of the teaching methods. All these helped me to achieve excellent results for my Goethe certificate. In addition, the entire team is really helpful and nice. I strongly recommend Bellingua to motivated people who want to have fast progress with learning German.

Thank you Bellingua!“

Tatiana from Romania (January 2022)

„A friend recommended Bellingua because I said I wanted a fast-paced German class for working professionals. I’ve been taking classes for two months now. The pace is exactly what I expected, just fast enough to keep me on my toes. The materials are great. I like how Bellingua uses its placement tests to create homogenous groups according to the students’ skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening which means you really do feel confident that you are learning German in an all-rounded manner.

I was especially impressed by the technology used to enhance the studying experience. For example, the Edulo app works very well on my iPhone, which means I can study vocab, grammar, or even complete homework when I’m on the go. I must confess I was very sceptical about virtual learning until I attended class via Whereby. It works really well! The teacher involves students who join virtually just as much as students who are attending in person. Bellingua is not the cheapest option but I’m happy that I chose Bellingua because I feel that my time is used most effectively.

Many thanks!”

Jessica from the UK (January 2022)

„When I came to Switzerland, the first thing I had to do was to look for a German school on the Internet. I got many positive recommendations about Bellingua. And after some time in this school I realized that I am at the right place and this was the best decision.

Learning German at Bellingua is something wonderful and the best thing that could have happened to me. I have had a very good experience and I would definitely recommend Bellingua to all German learners. The teachers are nice, helpful, patient and the teaching methods are of the highest standard.

I am very grateful to Bellingua for my progress.”

Lidia from Peru (September 2021)

„I have successfully learned German from scratch with Bellingua, from A1–B1. After my very positive experience, I can highly recommend Bellingua to any motivated student who wants to level up their language knowledge quickly and with a solid grammar base. The study materials and the teaching style are well researched and excellent. The staff are very helpful and try to address your concerns in the best way possible.

After doing both in-person and online classes, I can confirm that the online classes work perfectly well. In fact for working professionals, this is our only chance to study after work and I did this successfully for one full year.

This also means that you can be anywhere in the world and still attend the classes from Bellingua. Learning German does not have to be difficult if you have a great team to guide you.

Thank you again, Bellingua!”

Samarpita from India (August 2021)

„I have spent the last 18 months learning with Bellingua, from A2 all the way to (preparing for) the C2 Goethe exam.

The courses were all well prepared and well researched; the teachers dedicated and enthusiastic. No lesson was routine and no task too mundane. I especially appreciated the large amount of time devoted to speaking in class.

The quality of the in-house teaching material was second to none – from the reams of precise yet comprehensive grammar explanations to the carefully thought-out (and oftentimes amusing) exercises – all accessible via their specially developed multi-platform app edulo.

The weekly tests were strenuous but never stressful, and the constant progress was motivating.

Despite the enormous challenges posed by the pandemic, Bellingua adapted quickly and effectively to online-first teaching (rather better, may I add, than I managed with my own lectures at ETH!)

A hearty thanks and a solid thumbs-up to everyone at Bellingua!”

Will from the UK (July 2021)

I really enjoyed the B1 German course at Bellingua. Compared to other courses I attended previously this was very well structured and organized. The pace was fast but not too fast to allow continuous learning without feeling bored. We were given a lot of learning material throughout the course. I very much enjoyed the small group breakout sessions and frequent conversations.

The teachers are Bellingua’s strongest asset, they are so good at making us absorb the language while being kind, patient and helpful but also fun and entertaining. While I was originally very sceptical to attend courses online, the system used in Bellingua surprised me and it worked very well to keep us engaged.

Veronika from the Czech Republic (May 2021)

„Bellingua has exceeded all my expectations: friendly teachers, small groups and top level material. I really appreciated how well they adapted during Covid-19, without compromising the teaching quality. I would highly recommend Bellingua to everybody who is serious about their German learning.

Thank you“

Zuzana from the Czech Republic (May 2021)

„With no doubt the best German school in Zurich. Nice and well prepared teachers, from level A1 to the top. I had no problem at all to pass my B1 Goethe test. Moreover, during Corona-times I switched to online teaching: with their smart tech tools, the quality remained at the highest level. Highly recommended!”

Alessio from Italy (April 2021)

„After some online research on available German schools in the Zurich area, I started learning German at Bellingua. Having finished the A1, A2 and B1 levels at Bellingua, I am very happy with my choice. The well structured modules and the regular exams ensure the progress of the entire classroom. This kept the courses interesting and allowed me to easily get my B1 certificate from TELC. I recommend Bellingua to all fast learners who want to learn German efficiently.

Egeyar from Turkey (April 2021)

„I joined Bellingua in January 2021 to learn German after moving to Zurich from Italy. I began with absolutely zero knowledge of German!

My teacher Judith, has managed to teach with the perfect speed, and patience and just enough challenge to keep me fully engaged and constantly learning. As we have been in the time of a pandemic, all classes have been fully online, using a variety of tools such as Edulo, Whereby and Miro. The online learning has been absolutely fantastic. In particular Edulo and Miro provide wonderful tools for practice and interaction.

I am extremely pleased with my course and decision to join Bellingua and highly recommend it.
Puja from Canada (April 2021)

„I started at Bellingua at the end of level A2 and never doubted that I would stay at this school. Already in the first lesson I was convinced that I had chosen the right school. All the students in my group were already quite fluent in German, had a rich vocabulary and were very good at grammar. This strong group, together with a professional teacher, always motivated me to study hard. And as a result, I made great progress.

A fixed curriculum also plays an important role in the learning process. And in this respect, there is no better school than Bellingua. All lessons are thoroughly thought out, informative and contain a variety of exercises (including digital work with self-monitoring). In addition, all the teachers I have met at Bellingua have proven to be very nice people and professionals in the field of German. I highly recommend Bellingua to everyone!“

Kseniia from Russia (April 2021)

„I started the semi-intensive German course at Bellingua last November. I find the teaching method very efficient and adaptive to the pace of the audience. Thanks to the available online solutions at Bellingua, I could fully concentrate on and continue learning German despite the limits due to Covid-19.

If you are serious about learning German properly, I suggest Bellingua.“

Reza from Iran (April 2021)

„My job requires me to travel 80% of my time around the world. Due to Covid-19 Bellingua teaches its courses online which gave me an opportunity to start my german language course even though I am not in Switzerland most of the time.

Since Oman is 3 hours ahead of Switzerland the class is starting at 9:00PM (Oman time) which is great because sometimes I have to work until late and I’m still able to attend the class.

Overall the course is going very well and I hope the online course will be maintained also in the future for the people like me who travel very often.”

(Bellingua: Yes, our customers will always be able to attend our hybrid courses either on site in Zurich or online through a video-link.)

Chun from Oman (February 2021)

„Since flexibility is important to me, Bellingua is the perfect choice. I can book as many modules as I want to and I can end my contract at any time if my plans change.

If you want to learn a lot productively and you can spend a good amount of time studying at home, Bellingua comes highly recommended.“

Paulina from Poland (2017)

„I cannot recommend Bellingua highly enough. I find the school‘s teachers and the overall learning model very efficient and rewarding.“

Marius from Romania (2017)

„Bellingua is a very friendly, professional school. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to master the German language and enjoys learning alongside other motivated students.

You learn twice as much at Bellingua as in other schools.“

Claire from England (2017)

„The teachers are friendly but strict and no-nonsense; the weekly tests were always slightly out of reach. But the pressure and accountability worked. After 6 months, I could participate in parent- teacher conferences in German; after 9 months, I could read the leading Zurich newspapers. And when I was particularly pressed for time, the private lessons really helped.“

Alexandra from the USA (2017)

„I can sum up my experience of Bellingua in one word: outstanding!

Excellently organised teaching by experienced, committed teachers creates a unique, fun atmosphere that‘s conducive to learning. I made progress every week.“

Aleksandar from Serbia (2017)

„When I joined Bellingua, I could already speak German at A2 level. Compared with other schools, learning at Bellingua is not easy, but it’s worth it. Bellingua is the most suitable language school for anyone who wants to learn German to virtually native-speaker level. The school places great value on expert teachers and efficient teaching methods. I am very grateful to Bellingua for this.“

Olena from Ukraine (2017)

„I chose Bellingua on my friend’s recommendation. After the first two introductory weeks, thanks to the professional teachers and the fact that the groups were small and tended to progress at the same rate thanks to regular tests, I found Bellingua to be the best place for me to learn German.“

Milos from Serbia (2017)

„All the teachers I have met here have been very professional, committed and motivated. I find the regular revision modules and weekly tests an ideal way of consolidating my knowledge.

I would recommend Bellingua to anyone who is motivated and who wants to learn German thoroughly!“

Varvara from Russia (2017)