„My job requires me to travel 80% of my time around the world. Due to Covid-19 Bellingua teaches its courses online which gave me an opportunity to start my german language course even though I am not in Switzerland most of the time.

Since Oman is 3 hours ahead of Switzerland the class is starting at 9:00PM (Oman time) which is great because sometimes I have to work until late and I’m still able to attend the class.

Overall the course is going very well and I hope the online course will be maintained also in the future for the people like me who travel very often.”

(Bellingua: Yes, our customers will always be able to attend our hybrid courses either on site in Zurich or online through a video-link.)

Chun from Oman

„With no doubt the best German school in Zurich. Nice and well prepared teachers, from level A1 to the top. I had no problem at all to pass my B1 Goethe test. Moreover, during Corona-times I switched to online teaching: with their smart tech tools, the quality remained at the highest level. Highly recommended!”
Alessio from Italy

„The teachers are friendly but strict and no-nonsense; the weekly tests were always slightly out of reach. But the pressure and accountability worked. After 6 months, I could participate in parent- teacher conferences in German; after 9 months, I could read the leading Zurich newspapers. And when I was particularly pressed for time, the private lessons really helped.“

Alexandra from the USA

„I can sum up my experience of Bellingua in one word: outstanding!

Excellently organised teaching by experienced, committed teachers creates a unique, fun atmosphere that‘s conducive to learning. I made progress every week.“

Aleksandar from Serbia

„When I joined Bellingua, I could already speak German at A2 level. Compared with other schools, learning at Bellingua is not easy, but it‘s worth it. Bellingua is the most suitable language school for anyone who wants to learn German to virtually native-speaker level. The school places great value on expert teachers and efficient teaching methods. I am very grateful to Bellingua for this.“

Olena from Ukraine

„I chose Bellingua on my friend‘s recommendation. After the first two introductory weeks, thanks to the professional teachers and the fact that the groups were small and tended to progress at the same rate thanks to regular tests, I found Bellingua to be the best place for me to learn German.

Milos from Serbia

„All the teachers I have met here have been very professional, committed and motivated. I find the regular revision modules and weekly tests an ideal way of consolidating my knowledge.

I would recommend Bellingua to anyone who is motivated and who wants to learn German thoroughly!“

Varvara from Russia

„Since flexibility is improtant to me, Bellingua is the perfect choice. I can book as many modules as I want to and I can end my contract at any time if my plans change.

If you want to learn a lot productively and you can spend a good amount of time studying at home, Bellingua comes highly recommended.“

Paulina from Poland

„I cannot recommend Bellingua highly enough. I find the school‘s teachers and the overall learning model very efficient and rewarding.“

Marius from Romania

„Bellingua is a very friendly, professional school. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to master the German language and enjoys learning alongside other motivated students.

You learn twice as much at Bellingua as in other schools.“

Claire from England