Swiss German Course

Unlike our other German courses, this course focuses on the understanding of Swiss German. Since our teachers come from different regions of Switzerland, you will have the opportunity to hear different Swiss dialects. Those who wish can of course also try their hand at speaking.

The prerequisite for participation is a knowledge of German of at least level B1+.

Swiss German course

Info about our Swiss German course

Target audience

Fast-learning and motivated adults from level B1+ who want to attend a Swiss German course

Group size

1 to 9 students

Course dates and time

  • 21.08.2024 – 23.10.2024 (Wednesday, 12.15 – 13.15)

Lessons per week

1 60-minute lesson per week

Additional effort

0.5 to 1 hour per course day

Course length

Your choice

Course location

Zurich or via video link (depending on your preference)

Price per week

CHF 40.–