Private German lessons Zurich

We understand that every language learner has different needs when it comes to learning a language. That’s why, in addition to our group courses, we also offer private lessons tailored to individual needs. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, our private lessons offer maximum flexibility in terms of time, intensity, and course content. We know that it can be difficult to attend regular classes in person, which is why we also offer a hybrid learning environment where you can attend classes either in our Zurich classroom or via video, allowing you to learn from anywhere and integrate lessons into a busy schedule.

In addition to the benefits of private lessons, all of our learners who choose private lessons also have the opportunity to participate in our free lunch-time conversation classes. This is an excellent opportunity to improve your language skills in an informal, interactive environment while also getting to know other learners.

Our private lessons can be booked for individuals or groups of up to three people, making it the perfect option for a more personalized learning experience with friends or acquaintances.

Private lessons German

Days and times

From Monday to Friday. The lesson times are freely selectable.


Private lessons can be postponed or cancelled by telephone until the evening before (17.30 hrs). The customer then only pays for the lessons actually taken.

Price per lesson

CHF 108 per 45 minutes (individual lessons)
+ CHF 20 for each additional person

A 5% discount is automatically granted if at least 7 lessons of 45 minutes (a total of 315 minutes) of private lessons are taken in a calender month.


Just a 2-minute walk from our language school is the Gloggespiel childcare centre. Childcare can be provided by appointment or spontaneously.

Further information is available here.

Personal consultation

Before you register for private German lessons in Zurich or a group course, there is a free consultation meeting (in German or English) in order to find out more about your individual needs and goals. Our customer advisors are available during our opening hours – in person at our school office, by phone or via video call. Just drop in or give us a call (++41 44 250 20 00). For a video call please set up an appointment.


Set up an appointment for a video call

Customizable class schedules

Our private German lessons offer flexible class schedules that cater to the needs of our learners. We understand that life can be unpredictable and it is not always possible to attend class at a set time. For this reason, we have developed a solution that offers maximum freedom and flexibility.

Learners can choose when and how often they want to learn, without worrying about neglecting other obligations. The flexible class schedules allow learners to integrate their language studies into their personal and professional routines, and improve their German language skills.

If something comes up at the last minute, classes can be rescheduled until the evening before. This way, learners always have full control over their study time and can ensure that their classes are relaxed and focused, resulting in a pleasant learning experience.

Remote or in Zurich

Our private German language classes offer the option to participate remotely or on-site. Learners can learn German with us at our premises in Zurich, at their workplace, at home, or even while on vacation. This provides a high degree of flexibility and effective use of study time.

Regardless of where learners participate in the private classes, our experienced teachers are able to adjust the class to their needs and level. The classes are designed to be interactive, to guide learners perfectly on their way to a better understanding of the German language.

Our competent teachers

Our private German language classes are led by competent and experienced teachers who are native speakers and hold a degree in German studies (or a comparable subject). The teachers have extensive experience in teaching the German language and receive internal training. Therefore, they are well-equipped to provide learners with a high level of language competence.

Our teachers are also well-prepared to adjust the class to the level of each learner. They have a solid knowledge of German grammar and language structure, as well as a broad vocabulary. This enables them to design an effective and insightful class.

With the help of the experience and knowledge of our teachers, learners are able to quickly improve their German language skills. One of our teachers’ core competencies is to explain difficult concepts in an understandable way and provide valuable insights into the German language and culture.

From business to everyday German at language levels A1 – C1

In our private German language classes, we cover a wide range of different topics: from business to everyday German, and at all language levels from A1 to C1 – always tailored to the individual needs and goals of our learners. Whether you want to improve your language skills for your job, daily life, or academic purposes, our curriculum offers everyone the opportunity to achieve their goals.

At Bellingua, our teachers ensure that our learners acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to communicate in German in any situation, whether in daily life or in a professional context.